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Sakura and Omar

When the friendly Omar sees a cutie standing all alone on the street, he can't help but offer her his extra hot dog. He learns that Sakura is free for the night because of a cancelled Halloween party, and he quickly realizes he has the perfect in for inviting her over to his pad. With the promise of costumes, the two head off into the night for some fun. Within minutes of reaching Omar's home, his sexy little fox is stripping off her clothing and taking his large, leaking boner deep into her mouth. Her body convulses with pleasure as he fucks her eager hole, and by the end of the evening, they are a happy, sated mess.

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Dolly and Omar

Omar is looking really sad today, she even had an idea of jumping into the river and he would do it if this stunning blonde didn’t stop him. Not only she has a beautiful face, she has a beautiful soul as well and wants to do anything what it takes to make Omar feel better. I guess you already know what makes Omar feel better – a super hot Russian chick sucking on his shaft and taking it all the way up her tight fucking holes! This tempting blonde enjoys Omar’s cock in all imaginable ways and doesn’t regret a minute that she helped such a well-endowed man.

Duration: 43m:34s Added: 3 years ago
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Anastasia and Omar

Nighttime is the best time for Omar’s plans. He is looking for a sexy girl to pose for an explicit photo shoot and it doesn’t take him long to meet Anastasia. This lovely Russian girl is a model and she doesn’t hesitate much to come with Omar. As soon as she denudes her cute titties, Omar can’t resist sucking on them and you can already guess what happens next. This lusty blonde falls in love with his giant cock and wants to take deep inside her wet pussy and tight butthole, but not before she tries to swallow every inch of it. This girl surely knows how to work in front of the camera!

Duration: 41m:04s Added: 3 years ago
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